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What is novel and inventive today will be viewed as commonplace in the future. For this reason, companies must spend money on software development services and innovative approaches to consumer interaction. At Simply Automate, our team of full-stack developers, data analysts, and UI/UX specialists is ready to assist you in reviving the online presence of your company.

Although there are many services provided by digital firms, it might be challenging for brand owners to locate everything they require in one location. Though the development is often outsourced, many organizations provide in-house design services, resulting in ideas that are rarely fully realized. Some create novel answers to contemporary issues, but they place so much emphasis on the technology that, at most, usability is an afterthought.

Web-Software Design and Development

Our design process starts with getting to know your company and its unique needs. From there, we plan a digital transformation pathway that helps your brand grow in awareness, revenue and customer satisfaction.

This process takes us from an initial meeting with you to discuss your goals to a new digital experience that you and your customers will love.

User Interface (UX/UI) Design

Our skilled team of UX and UI designers produces fluid, intuitive and eye-catching designs for websites, apps and even desktop applications. Whether you're looking to increase conversions in your online store or you have a complex SaaS product that you'd like to refine, our team of user experience design experts can help.

  • UX Strategy
  • Design sprints
  • Product prototyping
  • Usability testing and validation

Digital Commerce

Today's consumers make decisions about whether to buy from a new website in seconds. Our digital commerce team has extensive experience with user interfaces, marketing and design lets us create websites and apps that engage consumers, drive conversions and promote loyalty, increasing your sales not just today but tomorrow as well.

  • Innovative e-commerce products
  • New strategies for marketing and conversions
  • Customized digital experiences
  • Optimized retail experiences
  • Ongoing support and improvements

Custom Product Design and Development

Thanks to our lean, agile methodology and extensive experience in leading-edge technologies, we can design and develop smart, scalable solutions for any industry. We are committed to always learning and researching new ways to solve old (and new) problems. Our team has experience in designing and developing products for a global marketplace. We help organizations go digital and empower them to grow in an increasingly connected world.

  • Accelerated product strategizing & road mapping
  • Global product development
  • Digital organizational empowerment
  • Digital product innovation

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