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Network solutions

Helping customers troubleshoot network issues.


Simply Automate’s focus is to provide its customers with quality service that will allow them to have full functionality within their homes and businesses.

As a network solutions leader in the Edmonton area, our primary goal is helping customers troubleshoot network issues. We provide internal network cabling, a full spectrum of network design and management, and network security. We work closely with our clients to put together a package that works for all budgets. Our timely installation ensures that your home or business is up and running with minimal interruption.

With today’s ever-increasing reliance on wired/wireless devices, being connected is more important than ever. The average home has 2-3 tv’s and anywhere from 4-8 tablets or phones, all of which have streaming capabilities. Each device takes the lions share of bandwidth from your home network, which is why it is becoming clear that having a high functioning, high-performing home network is critical to you and your family. Simply Automate will work closely with you to meet the unique demands of your home, from 1200 sq. ft. to 10 000 sq. ft. Give us a call for a free technical onsite analysis!

network solutions

Network solutions leader in the Edmonton area

We provide network cabling for both homes and businesses!
We strategically plan and implement systems that include labeling of all cables to reduce confusion and excessive cabling. Our systems ensure that that there is intensive coordination so that your system does not falter. Your technicians are fully versed in the type of cable and system that will work best for you and provide help on many levels, from setting up diverse configurations to helping you figure out how to install a simple network jack.
  • Cat 5e and Cat 6 wiring
  • Data/network cabling
  • Structured cabling
Our team will meet with you for a walk through of your site to ensure that all necessary issues are addressed. During the initial consultation we can pin point exactly what products and services will best suit your needs.
Our team will then go through a rigorous process of designing and outlining the best services, set up and products for your install. Once our design has met your approval our team will set up an install time as well as a management appointment. Proper management of your system occurs both externally and internally. We will show you how to trouble shoot the most minor of issues if they arise, as well, we are available at any time to address any concerns.
Ensuring your system is secure is very important to us!
We have systems in place to make sure that you are not subject to any type of system breach. We offer a variety of network security protocols to ensure that your network stays secure.
  • Access control
  • Antivirus/antimalware software
  • Application security
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Data loss prevention
  • Fire walls
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Mobile device security
  • Network segmentation
  • VPN
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