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Simply automate is here to help you conceptualize and bring to life your Cannabis Retail Security System.
We are familiar with the Canadian Electronic Security regulations and compliance regarding cannabis cultivation, processing and sale.
As the industry grows and more regulations come into play, it is important to have a security company that can support you as you build and grow your business.
We offer many solutions for cannabis retailers to ensure the safety of their business and product, these solutions will ensure compliance with provincial and federal regulations. Solutions include video surveillance, intrusion alarms, and access control. Simply Automate can also help you ensure that all government requirements are met, from supporting you while filling and submitting the Section 8 form for ACMPR to ensuring that all AGLC Requirements are met. Our technicians can also be on hand during the physical inspection of your retail space.
How we works

How it helps your
business succeed

04 Steps

01. Initial Meeting
We discuss the best options for you and your retail space. From camera’s to access control, everything is customizable.
02. Proposal
A design draft of your retail space with proposed equipment and services is quoted. We revise and refine until you are 100% satisfied with the design.
03. Installation
Once final approval is given, an installation appointment is set up. Our fully trained technicians will install your package and walk you through once complete.
04. Support
Our personnel are always on hand to provide support both before, during and after the installation process.

Things to consider when choosing the right
Cannabis Security

Know and understand your provinces legislation regarding Cannabis security. Each province may have its own specific guidelines regarding video surveillance for dispensaries and manufacturers. These requirements can include camera types, placements, resolution and frame rates. You must also be aware of how long you are expected to retain video feed and if it should be recorded off site.

When choosing your cannabis security system, ensure you are aware of all areas of your business and property that could require video surveillance. You should make a list of all of your assets and locations, the size of the property (using blueprints would be ideal), be sure to pay close attention to where your product will be delivered (this area should be highly monitored at all times). Knowledge of your property helps us create a more comprehensive cannabis security solution for you.

The security expert you choose should have experience in Cannabis security solutions, with products (IP cameras, NVRs and video management software) that not only meet, but exceed provincial legislation in regard to reliability, remote access and storage capacity.

Thing about your long-term business goals, while your immediate requirement may be to have cameras and basic security installed, ensure that you security provider can work support you as your business grows. The proper equipment should be able to accommodate your future business needs, make sure to ask you cannabis video surveillance provider about the scalability of all equipment being used.

We provide home security systems for all budgets